Bernard BakelsIt was on 21 September 1904 when two brothers, Hendrik A and Bernadus J Bakels, registered the first Bakels company in Amsterdam.

The Bakels Group as we know it today is largely the result of the vision and lifetime work of the son of Bernardus, Bernard J Bakels. He led the company into manufacturing with the establishment, in 1943, of Nordbakels in Sweden.

Through a mixture of investment and innovation additional companies, and successful products, were added through each decade up until his death in 1986. Since then this successful mix continues to be applied - investment increases every year to accompany innovative new products.

By remaining a private company owned by a foundation established by Bernard J Bakels we have grown to become a group nearly 40 companies, manufacturing on all five continents.

Bakels owes its success not just to investment in facilities and innovation but also in our people, whose dedication to our company and the customers we serve has been a feature of Bakels for over 100 years. Investment is increasingly being applied to training people, young and old, in essential bakery skills.

Specialist training centres have been established in a number of Bakels companies and all Bakels technical staff will happily assist customers in gaining new, or improving existing, expertise.


We are always interested to talk to technically qualified people who have a passion for product development or a desire to sell or technically support bakery ingredients.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of joining Bakels contact your local Bakels Company or Bakels Head Office.

Key Staff

Bakels Fiji has a total of 18 staff members.  Key staff are as follows:

Phil Henry

Sales & Technical Manager

Mobile: 9907586


Sushil Chand

Sales Representative (West)

Mobile: 9907588


Rakesh Narayan

Bakery Advisor

Mobile: 9907589